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Theosophy – an ongoing enquiry

The Society’s core business, in the words of one of its founders, is to assist in showing the world that such a thing as Theosophy exists, and to help us ascend towards it by studying and assimilating its eternal truths.

There is no doctrine and no opinion binding on any member of the Society, which does not promulgate any teaching or promote any teacher to the exclusion of others. Study material provided by the Education and Training Committee is offered for the consideration of the thoughtful reader. Only the individual student can ascertain, within the field of his or her own experience, how the teachings can throw light on life's deeper aspects.

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Study courses

Study materials in our course section

Racinet pdr phoenix

Paths to Wholeness

Willamay Pym

Open uri20180112 24250 4necwk?1515717528

Getting Acquainted with The Secret Doctrine

Dr John Algeo

Open uri20180112 24250 pvekuu?1526611043

An Introduction to The Mahatma Letters

The definitive introduction to a challenging and rewarding study.

Monkey episode wellcome collection

Personal Transformation in the Tradition of Annie Besant

Religion and the Spiritual Life, Edu­cation and Art, Happiness and Sorrow

Nowhere 2

Mysticism — Bridge to Nowhere

Exploring the mystical origins of Theosophy, and the works of  profound mystics East and West.

Open uri20180112 24250 ndhxge?1515717519

An Introduction to Esoteric Principles

Schools of Esoteric Teaching, First Principles, Planetary Evolution, The Path of Initiation.

Open uri20180112 24250 1sil8h2?1515717520

Theosophy — An Introductory Study Course

This is a great introduction to Theosophy for beginners. With clear and helpful diagrams.

Rishabhanatha sitting in two stages of meditation  cca. 1680. san diego museum of art


The basics of meditation presented in a safe and accessible manner by Adelaide Gardner

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Open uri20180112 24250 1y7gwqu?1515717516

From Darkness to Light: Understanding Violence

Emotions are desires either to perpetuate a situation if pleasurable, or to escape out of it if painful.

Open uri20180112 24250 1athtno?1515717428

The Perennial Philosophy: A Comprehensive Introductory Course

Featuring an historical overview and the key ideas of the Perennial Philosophy.

Open uri20180112 24250 1utqie0?1515717415

The Doctrine of Karma

The world karma means action, coming from the Sanskrit root kri, "to do", or "to make".

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