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Leaflets & Booklets - A selection of basic principles found in the literature of Theosophy

Leaflet the essentials of theosophy

The Essentials of Theosophy — John Algeo

John Algeo's in-depth analysis of the essentials.

Human journey vertical

The Human Journey: Birth, Death, Karma… and Reincarnation?

Printed copy available on request

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In The Theosophical Society

Spirit of the ts vertical

The Spirit

of the Theosophical Society

Leaflet yoga a study and a practice

Yoga. A Study and a Practice

Types of Yoga and the goal of Yoga: an overview for beginners.

Mosaic at the wall of prof%c3%adtis il%c3%adas monastery  kallistis  greece

To Those Who Mourn

C. W. Leadbeater

Is psychism vertical

Is Psychism the Same as Spirituality?

Clairvoyance, the soul and the psyche: towards a better understanding.

Leaflet release into light meditations for those who mourn

Release into Light. Meditations for those who Mourn

Elevating thoughts to lift the spirit in times of loss.


How Clairvoyance

Is Developed - Concentration - Meditation

Henry steel olcott

TS Solidarity and Ideals

Historical background to our structure

Leaflet theosophy and science

Theosophy and Science

Where do they meet, and where do they part company?

Mosaic during the 5th century. original from the los angeles county museum of art. digitally enhanced by rawpixel

Objects And Ideals

Of The Theosophical Society

Leaflet the art of meditation

The Art of Meditation

From the monkey mind to inner peace: an overview for beginners.

Hpb vertical

HP Blavatsky

And Her Writings

Ts logo new wide bl2

The Emblem of the T.S.

The Emblem of The Theosophical Society

Leaflet theosophy revisiting the ancient wisdom

Theosophy: Revisiting the Ancient Wisdom

The teachings in Egypt, India and Greece then and now

Leaflet theosophy and the zeitgeist

Theosophy and the Zeitgeist

John Algeo's insight into the spirit of our times.

Leaflet theosophical society whats it  all about

The Theosophical Society. What is it all About?

The benefits of membership, the meaning of the emblem and more.

Leaflet theosophy and islam

Theosophy and Islam

Transmission of knowledge, the types of knowledge, and the notion of brotherhood

Leaflet theosophy and christianity

Theosophy and Christianity

A hidden wisdom underlies them both.


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A selection of books and essays on science and spirituality.

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Life-affirming books by David Bohm, Ramana Maharshi, Aldous Huxley and others

Leaflet theosophy and islam

Theosophy and Islam

Transmission of knowledge, the types of knowledge, and the notion of brotherhood