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Theosophy and The Theosophical Society

a movement formed in 1875 and ongoing

Formed in 1875 in New York, with international headquarters at Adyar, South India, the Theosophical Society has branches in around seventy countrie...

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Theosophy and The Theosophical Society

Theosophical Periodicals

Our extensive catalogue of searchable publications, indices, and periodicals.

Theosophical Texts Online

Explore a wide range of Theosophical texts online.

The Campbell Theosophical Research Library

A wealth of material on the history of the spiritual counterculture in Australia, and more

Members & Membership

Info for joining, rejoining and participating in the TS, and our Constitution & Policies (5 items in collection)

Local Theosophical Bookshops

Find a local store and browse a wide variety of reading material. (0 items in collection)

Freedom of the Society

Resolution passed by the General Council of The Theosophical Society, 1949

Boolets and Leaflets

Leaflets & Booklets - A selection of basic principles found in the literature of Theosophy (25 items in collection)

TPH Adyar

The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, sells an extensive range of titles online.

Freedom of Thought

Resolution passed by the General Council of The Theosophical Society, 1924

Our Libraries

TS library and Archive Resources in Australia.


What is Theosophy

Theosophy, Divine Wisdom or Wisdom of the Gods

Certified Groups

Meeting around Australia (7 items in collection)

Education and Retreat Centre

Springbrook, Queensland

Canyonleigh Southern Highlands

Theosophical Retreat Centre Canyonleigh

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